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Wish you could reverse unwanted lines and wrinkles? Bothered by hyperpigmented skin caused by years of fun in the sun? Facial Care Centre’s holistic facials, rejuvenation treatments, and laser hair removal will dramatically up your glow game, erase those fine lines and wrinkles, and give you the smooth and youthful skin you deserve.

We’re on a mission to make clear and healthy skin a reality for you. We have treatments to help you achieve acne-free and hair-free skin, as well as treatments that deliver overall skin rejuvenation and whitening. Dreaming of a slimmer and younger-looking face? Facial Care Centre will lift your skin back to youthfulness.

Experience the Facial Care Difference

The truth is, you never quite forget how someone made you feel. That’s why here at Facial Care Centre, 
we don’t stop at just the facials and aesthetic treatments—we offer you an experience. 
Our skin care clinics offer you the true meaning of skindulgence.

As soon as you set foot into our clinic, the fresh, clean scent transports you to a place of calm and sets the stage 
for an indulgent beauty hour. From intensive, thorough treatments to the highly skilled hands of our therapists trained 
in the science of facial pressure points, your skin is in safe hands. Each visit to Facial Care leaves your skin hydrated, glowing and completely rejuvenated. A pampering experience you will keep coming back to.

Facial Care Centre is all about results—making you look and feel your most beautiful. 
Our skin care clinics in the Philippines have teams of highly qualified skin care professionals, dermatologists, 
and therapists who will focus on your needs and address all your skin care concerns. From skin tightening, facial recontouring, acne treatment, skin rejuvenation or permanent hair removal, Facial Care Centre is the gold standard
for real, tangible results you can see and feel.

Other derma clinics in the Philippines may offer similar treatments, but when you choose Facial Care Centre,
you choose quality. You choose expertise. You choose the best. Experience Facial Care today.

Results you can see and feel

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Hear It From Our Happy Clients

Testimonial Indu Badlani
“I’ve been with Facial Care Centre for 15 years now. They've helped me overcome my insecurities. LaserLight Hair Removal has given me silky-smooth and hair-free underarms, legs, and face.”
Indu Badlani
Testimonial Chuchay Maronilla Sison
“From LaserLight in my 20s, to ReFirme in my 30s, and now Thermage in my 40s, Facial Care Center has been a part of my beautiful journey from being a young woman to motherhood!”
Chuchay Maronilla-Sison
Testimonial Inna Infante
“LaserLight Hair Removal has made my life a lot easier. I never have to worry about unwanted hair, dark underarms, and chicken skin from waxing and shaving. Definitely worth it!”
Inna Infante
Testimonial Esther Dee
“I've been with FCC for 23 years now and photos will attest how FCC has been taking care of my skin. My current favorite is the Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy. It made my skin clear, moisturized, and radiant. Now a decade past my “senior” year and still no one can guess my age right!”
Esther Dee
Testimonial Michelle Tan
“I’ve been with FCC since 2010. My favorite treatment is the Oxygen Cell Renewal because it gives me a natural glow and leaves my skin moisturized.”
Michelle Tan
Testimonial Ailea Evangelista
“One of my insecurities growing up was having upper lip hair, so I decided to try LaserLight Hair Removal at FCC. Seven years after my treatments, I'm still enjoying a hair-free upper lip!”
Ailea Evangelista

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