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About Us

Beyond Skin Care

Facial Care Centre is where Skin meets Science. Over 35 years in the industry have led us to the most advanced skin care technologies and the very best skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments. From professional facials, to breakthrough treatment discoveries, to the latest in laser technology. But we don’t just offer you our expertise.
Step into one of our centers and find yourself in a soothing, relaxing space where our professional staff will cater to your comfort and well-being. Experience the true meaning of pampering. Experience results-oriented beauty treatments.

A Promise Delivered

There’s a reason why Facial Care Centre is home to the most beautiful faces. We find solutions to your skin concerns. Before choosing the best approach, our team of experts analyzes your skin and identifies which method will provide the results you seek.

Face the future with confidence through our Skin Rejuvenating System: a complete range of facial treatments proven to address different skin issues and the signs of aging. Sagging jawlines, redefined. Wrinkles and fine lines, reduced and smoothened. Dull complexion, brightened.

We don’t just treat your skin. We turn back time.

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Our Proven Formula

Premium facial treatments and breakthrough technology
Over 35 years of superior expertise backed by proven effective skin science
A relaxing, pampering experience in a private space that’s all your own