Look 5 Years Younger with Sublime Star

Instant Skin Tightening Treatment


    What it’s for:

    • Sagging skin
    • Fine lines
    • First signs of aging

    Are you beginning to see fine lines or a bit of sagging skin? Worry not, because Facial Care Centre’s Sublime Star is here to help!

    Collagen is essential for keeping our skin firm and smooth, but our skin produces less of it as we age. That’s where Sublime Star comes in. Using non-invasive radio frequency technology and infrared light, it boosts your skin’s collagen production to tighten and lift your skin. It also reduces skin inflammation and makes your pores appear less visible, giving your skin a super smooth finish.

    The result? Skin that doesn’t just look younger but feels revitalized, bringing back that youthful elasticity with zero downtime.

    Ready to start your journey towards rejuvenated, collagen-rich skin? Book a free consultation today at Facial Care Centre and welcome a more youthful, radiant you!

    Why People Love It

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    Results you can see and feel