Woman with healthy glowing skin

Bring Back Firm, Lifted, Glowing Skin With These Methods and Treatments

There’s nothing wrong with aging. Many people embrace and enjoy every step of the journey to becoming older and wiser. However, there’s also nothing wrong …

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blog LaserLight

How LaserLight Hair Removal Will Change Your Life

“The Painless, Permanent Secret to Hair-Free Confidence“ Raise your hand if you’re confident about your underarms. If you’re not 100% satisfied with how your underarms …

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Laser hair removal being done of woman's leg

Should You Invest in Laser Hair Removal?

Chicken skin and itchy ingrowns from shaving, skin darkening and irritation from painful waxing, and let’s not even start with time-consuming plucking — simply put, …

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blog the secret to glowing skin

The Secret to Glowing Skin

“From dull and dry to fresh and radiant with the Repêchage 4-Layer Facial“ Everybody wants that glowing glass skin. But months of countless skin care …

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blog up your selfie game

Up Your Selfie Game

“The top 3 skin essentials for that much-coveted glass skin“ From the mundane this-is-a-candid-shot (but with mascara and lip gloss on) posts, to the most …

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blog bye bye panda eyes

Bye Bye Panda Eyes!

“Lighten dark undereye circles with B-Glow just like actress Ana Roces and businesswoman Amina Aranaz-Alunan“ “Panda eyes” might sound cute, but these dark circles under …

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blog Hair free for good

Hair-Free for Good!

“Throughout the quarantine, these three ladies had no unwanted hair worries thanks to LaserLight!“ As if all your anxiety throughout the 100 plus days of …

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blog exfoliation

Exfoliation: Are You Doing It Right?

“A dermatologist gives pro tips on proper exfoliation for smooth, glowing skin“ So you’ve got the cleanser-toner-moisturizer routine down. Great: …

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blog how does thermage work

How Does Thermage Work?

“Skin Tightening in 90 Minutes” Starting to see the tell-tale signs of aging? Loose, sagging skin, undefined facial contours, fine …

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blog what is the best sun protection

We Ask the Doc: What is the Best Sun Protection?

“Sunblock, sunscreen, and the truth about SPF“ The sun is probably public enemy #1 for the skin. We already know …

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blog laser or waxing for sensitive areas

Which one is safer for sensitive areas: LASER or WAXING?

Waxing unwanted hair on sensitive areas, like the bikini line, is an experience a lot of women would rather forget. …

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