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How LaserLight Hair Removal Will Change Your Life

“The Painless, Permanent Secret to Hair-Free Confidence“ Raise your hand if you’re confident about your underarms. If you’re not 100% satisfied with how your underarms …

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The Secret to Glowing Skin

“From dull and dry to fresh and radiant with the Repêchage 4-Layer Facial“ Everybody wants that glowing glass skin. But months of countless skin care …

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Up Your Selfie Game

“The top 3 skin essentials for that much-coveted glass skin“ From the mundane this-is-a-candid-shot (but with mascara and lip gloss on) posts, to the most …

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Bye Bye Panda Eyes!

“Lighten dark undereye circles with B-Glow just like actress Ana Roces and businesswoman Amina Aranaz-Alunan“ “Panda eyes” might sound cute, but these dark circles under …

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Hair-Free for Good!

“Throughout the quarantine, these three ladies had no unwanted hair worries thanks to LaserLight!“ As if all your anxiety throughout the 100 plus days of …

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Exfoliation: Are You Doing It Right?

“A dermatologist gives pro tips on proper exfoliation for smooth, glowing skin“ So you’ve got the cleanser-toner-moisturizer routine down. Great: …

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How Does Thermage Work?

“Skin Tightening in 90 Minutes” Starting to see the tell-tale signs of aging? Loose, sagging skin, undefined facial contours, fine …

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We Ask the Doc: What is the Best Sun Protection?

“Sunblock, sunscreen, and the truth about SPF“ The sun is probably public enemy #1 for the skin. We already know …

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Which one is safer for sensitive areas: LASER or WAXING?

Waxing unwanted hair on sensitive areas, like the bikini line, is an experience a lot of women would rather forget. …

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