How Does Thermage Work?

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“Skin Tightening in 90 Minutes”

Starting to see the tell-tale signs of aging? Loose, sagging skin, undefined facial contours, fine lines and wrinkles? Lift your skin back to youthfulness with Thermage! Powered by radio frequency technology, this proven effective, non-invasive skin tightening treatment delivers bulk heating to the skin’s deepest layers. This results in firm, lifted, toned skin. 

Worried it will be painful? No need to be, because now you can try the most advanced version of Thermage skin tightening treatment at Facial Care Centre. According to FCC’s top dermatologist, Dr. Shyla Valdez, “Thermage FLX makes the treatment faster and because of this, it affords less discomfort. We can actually adjust the energy level to be in the level of your comfort.” The machine’s bulk heating safely penetrates the deep tissue, while the cooling effects protect the skin’s surface, making the treatment more comfortable.

Dr. Valdez further explains that unlike other radio frequency treatments, Thermage uses monopolar RF so it can reach the deeper, collagen-rich layer of the skin. This means that as the machine delivers bulk heat, it can stimulate collagen remodelling. And we all know that with more collagen, the skin is more able to retain its firmness and definition.

See the age-defying difference minus the risks and downtime of surgery. “There’s no downtime,” Dr. Valdez says. “There’s an immediate result that you’ll see. There’s lifting right away, after the treatment. But you will see the effect last for up to six months, even more than that.”

Is Thermage for You?

Of course, everybody wants firm, youthful skin but what age bracket would benefit most from Thermage? Someone in her 20s, who is dealing with minor skin concerns on the superficial layer of her skin, might not see dramatic results from Thermage because her skin does not need it yet. But Dr. Valdez adds, “It’s really about the lifestyle of the client. For example, even if you’re only in your 20s but you are constantly sun-exposed, then you are more susceptible to developing wrinkles prematurely so Thermage would be good for you. Or if you’re in your 40s but you really take care of your skin, then maybe you don’t need Thermage yet. So age isn’t really the only basis. But if we were to generalize, the obvious signs of aging really start in one’s 30s.”

The best way to find out if Thermage is for you is to come for a consultation with our skin experts at FCC. They will analyze your skin and recommend the best treatments to address your particular concerns.

Thermage at Facial Care Centre

When it comes to Thermage, there’s only one name to trust: Facial Care Centre. Since the skin tightening results of Thermage are largely dependent on proper treatment techniques, of course you would want to go to a skin care clinic that has a proven track record of delivering excellent results to countless clients. And that’s what you’ll find at Facial Care Centre.

For skin tightening that lasts, try Thermage at Facial Care Centre today! Call 8892-SKIN to book an appointment.

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