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Lighten dark undereye circles with B-Glow just like actress Ana Roces and businesswoman Amina Aranaz-Alunan

“Panda eyes” might sound cute, but these dark circles under your eyes only make you look tired, sleepless, and years older. That’s why for a lot of women like actress Ana Roces and designer/ businesswoman Amina Aranaz-Alunan, a concealer is the one part of their make-up kits that they cannot leave home without. 

Amina shares, “It’s something I’m really very self-conscious about because even if I don’t feel tired or stressed or fatigued, I look like it. I can leave the house without lipstick, without blush, without powder, but I definitely need to put undereye concealer.”

For Ana, it’s genetics. She says, “You know, ever since I was young, I’ve already noticed that I have dark undereye circles. Maybe because it’s really in our family. Our eyes are really deep-set. So I really invest in very good concealers because that’s really the first thing I cover when I put on make-up.”

Good thing they can finally say goodbye to panda eyes with the help of Facial Care Centre’s B-Glow Skin Brightening Laser!

This FDA-approved skin brightening laser targets a wide range of pigmentary problems with an underlying vascular component. Proven effective for addressing melasma and lightening dark undereye circles, it is also highly recommended for underarm whitening. It uses an advanced Q-switched laser that targets and breaks down chromophores that cause skin discoloration and dullness without harming the skin’s outermost layer. 

Amina loved that she felt safe during the treatment, even when it was done on a sensitive area under her eyes. “During the treatment, I felt a bit of heat under my eyes. But it’s not something that really hurts. It’s very, very tolerable,” she says. “And what I found very reassuring is that the dermatologist is the one performing the treatment. She was very gentle and she explained everything that she was doing throughout the entire process.”

As for Ana, she was impressed with what B-Glow can do after just one treatment. She says, “After my first B-Glow treatment, I saw the result, and the first thing that came to my mind was, ‘What will I do with all my concealers?’ I can see that as I do the treatment more, I will have less need for a concealer!”

You too can finally say goodbye to panda eyes. Try B-Glow at Facial Care Centre! Call 8892-SKIN to book an appointment today.

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