Bianca Brander

Bianca Brander’s Facial Care favorites not only bring her beautiful, glowing skin, but also soothe her soul

We already know about self-care. What about “soul care”? For personal mastery and well-being coach Bianca Brandner, it’s all about being kinder to yourself, treating yourself with more grace, and not feeling guilty about putting yourself first. And one of her favorite ways to do that: pampering herself at Facial Care Centre!

“As women, we wear many hats, right? And sometimes, in wearing those hats, in playing so many different roles in our everyday lives, we forget to also take the time to give back to ourselves,” Bianca says. “Facial Care really gives me the space to do that. To just pause, decompress, think about myself. That’s my soul care!”

She continues, “I have to make sure that the Facial Care treatments I get are the ones that are incredibly hydrating. The ones that would give my skin the nourishment that it needs.”

Especially because she is someone who, like so many amazing women, juggles work life with family life, always making sure she has time to be there for her kids.

Among Bianca’s skin essentials at Facial Care Centre are:

Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy

Breathes freshness back to the skin with pure oxygen

This deeply nourishing treatment uses pure oxygen and LP3 complex to create a gateway into the skin so that active ingredients can be delivered at supersonic speed.

With continued sessions, the skin is renewed and feels baby-soft, and that youthful, supple ‘bounce’ is restored. “It was like my skin downed a gallon of water!” she shares. “It’s like, Hello! I’m hydrated! I’m awake!”

Sublime Star

Firms and tightens with no fillers, no cuts, no frozen expressions

Sublime Star is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment that uses a unique combination of bi-polar radio frequency and infrared light to instantly firm and tighten the skin. It safely and painlessly delivers bulk heating to the skin tissues, stimulating collagen and elastin contraction, which then improves elasticity and tone.

The Sublime treatment also refines the appearance of pores to achieve a smooth, glowing finish. No wonder Bianca can’t stop raving about it: “It’s not painful, it’s not uncomfortable, it’s very relaxing, and then, you know, you wake up and you have, like, a subtle snatch!”

Bianca Brander

The Best Care for Your Skin? It’s at Facial Care

“I go in and I fall asleep because they have, like, the most glorious massages. I even fall asleep with my mouth open sometimes!” she shares. “And then I wake up and my skin is rejuvenated and I feel rejuvenated.”

At Facial Care Centre, you will find a safe and private space where you can let go of the stress and worries of everyday and treat yourself to an escape where you can just relax and reset. With the therapeutic touch of highly trained therapists, proven effective skin rejuvenating and anti-aging treatments, and the expertise of dermatologists and skin consultants, you are in for a SKINdulgent treat that you’ll love.

So if you’ve been forgetting to give yourself much-deserved self-love, Bianca says, “We’re always just giving and giving and giving, right? Giving to our friends, giving to our work, giving to our family. I want to give out from an overflow of my cup. And Facial Care is a big pitcher that really fills up my cup.”

It’s an experience that you will hear over and over again from countless men and women who have entrusted their skin to the leading skin care clinic in the Philippines: Facial Care Centre. When the soul is happy inside, it radiates outside! Like Bianca, get some much-needed soul care at Facial Care Centre. Call 8892-7546 (SKIN) or leave us a message here.

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