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Throughout the quarantine, these three ladies had no unwanted hair worries thanks to LaserLight!

As if all your anxiety throughout the 100 plus days of quarantine were not enough, there is also 100 plus days’ worth of unwanted hair to add to the stress. But these three FCC ladies, Bea Fabregas, Laura Lehmann, and Suzy Gamboa, had no unwanted hair worries at all thanks to their LaserLight Hair Removal program! 

Why switch to laser hair removal? Because it’s one of the best beauty investments you can make! With LaserLight’s proven effective combination of 810-nm diode and IN-Motion technology, hair follicles are directly targeted and hair regrowth is prevented without harming the skin. Safe and painless, it permanently reduces unwanted hair. 

Need some more convincing to switch to permanent hair removal with LaserLight? Here’s what Bea, Laura, and Suzy have to say:

“One thing that I’ve been doing a lot during this quarantine is reflecting and basically thinking of the things I’m thankful for. And, let me tell you, LaserLight Hair Removal is on that list. High on that list! Because I won’t have to fight for a slot at a waxing salon to get rid of the hair in my bikini area, my legs, my upper lip, my underarms. I’m hair-free. And I’ve been hair-free since 2016. So I highly suggest that you book an appointment at Facial Care Centre and never have to worry about unwanted hair ever again.” 

Bea Fabregas, radio DJ and events host

“I’m so glad I did my LaserLight Hair Removal program done before quarantine because now I don’t have to worry about shaving or going out to get waxed. It’s just been a huge convenience and I highly and truly recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about doing it.”

Laura Lehmann, beauty queen and events host

“I started getting LaserLight last year. And actually my last session was a couple of months ago before the quarantine, but amazingly enough, I haven’t had to shave my legs at all! Nor my underarms and upper lip! So it’s been a fantastic LaserLight journey so far.”

Suzy Gamboa, radio DJ and events host

Start your LaserLight Hair Removal program today! Call Facial Care Centre at 8892-SKIN.

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