Lasers & Rejuvenation

Lightens and brightens skin pigmentation like melasma, “panda eyes,” dark underarms, elbows, or knees using an advanced Q-switched laser.

This proven effective skin tightening treatment uses radio frequency technology to deliver heat to the skin’s collagen-rich layers, resulting in firmed, lifted, toned skin.

Renew is an advanced fractional laser that smoothens out even the most stubborn acne scars, pockmarks, and other skin blemishes.

Reshapes and recontours chubby cheeks. This face slimming treatment gives you the redefined contours that you want using a combination of ultrasound and radio frequency.

Achieve the slimmer, V-shaped face that you want with UltraV. This non-invasive face slimming treatment recontours your face shape, reduces double chin, and redefines saggy jowls.

This “The Red Carpet Facelift” uses bi-polar radio frequency technology and infrared light. Achieve instant skin tightening without the needles, surgery, or downtime.

Uses the growth factors in your own blood platelets to stimulate skin renewal and repair. Helps smoothen out fine lines and acne scars, while leaving you with a healthy glow.

Everyone’s go-to laser skin tightening treatment to smoothen out nasolabial folds, reduce marionette lines, and lift saggy jowls.

Holistic Facials

Infused with organic seaweed, this multi-layer facial is packed with vitamins and minerals that intensely rehydrate and nourish your skin. Glass skin goal, achieved.

Uses an antibacterial formula to get rid of pimples and blemishes. Ideal for moderate to severe acne.

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