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Experience instant skin tightening with this “Red Carpet Facelift”

This “new normal” of face masks and shields has no doubt taken a toll on your skin. If it’s looking saggy, sallow, and sad, then give it an instant lift with Sublime Star, Facial Care Centre’s “Red Carpet Facelift.” This latest innovation in skin tightening uses a unique combination of bi-polar radio frequency technology and infrared light. Instantly achieve lifted, tightened, refreshed skin without the needles, downtime, or plastic-looking results!

How It Works

This non-invasive facelift combines the synergistic beauty benefits of two different technologies to deliver superior skin tightening results instantly. Through radio frequency energy, it safely and painlessly delivers bulk heating to the skin, boosting the production of new collagen. As the skin generates more collagen, it retains its firm and lifted appearance. Then with the addition of infrared technology, Sublime Star also reduces skin inflammation and makes your pores appear less visible, giving your skin a super smooth finish.

Never again will you be stuck between the two extremes of skin tightening: invasive methods that can be painful, require downtime, and give you frozen expressions on one end, or creams and serums that give little to no results on the other. Your skin deserves more than these. Your skin deserves a red carpet treatment. That’s why the Sublime Star is perfect for you.

Sublime Star at Facial Care Centre

And you can get it at the best skin care clinic in the Philippines: Facial Care Centre. Not only does Sublime Star give you instant results, it is also a relaxing experience that your skin will love. In fact, some clients find it so relaxing that they even fall asleep during the treatment. And because Sublime Star is proven safe, you can even combine it with other skin tightening treatments from Facial Care Centre’s extensive menu.

A popular option is to combine it with the Thermage FLX, a monopolar radiofrequency treatment. Both non-surgical skin tightening treatments, Sublime Star targets the superficial layer of the skin to deliver instant results, then Thermage FLX addresses the deeper layer to stimulate collagen remodeling and give you a long-term lift. Together, these two proven effective treatments can help you achieve even better, more lasting results.

Intrigued? For starters, try the Sublime Star now at Facial Care Centre and find out why everybody calls it the Red Carpet Facelift! With a professional staff that has a track record of delivering results to countless women, you can just lie down, relax, and experience for yourself why it’s known as one of the best skin care clinics in the Philippines.

Because beyond all the years of skin care expertise, all the advanced technology, and all the success stories, at its core, Facial Care Centre is all about YOU: all about catering to your comfort, safety, and well-being. All about giving you the advantage of facing the future confidently, beautifully.

We can help you achieve the results that you want. Let our skin experts tailor a skin tightening treatment plan for you today!

Ideal for Treatment of:

Sagging skin
Fine lines
Visible, enlarged pores
First signs of aging

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