Audrey Pastelero

In a tropical country like the Philippines where it feels like summer all year round, the golden glow of having morena skin is a staple of Filipina beauty, and it’s the kind of natural beauty that mom and entrepreneur Audrey Pastelero is blessed with.

For a woman who enjoys having fun under the sun and spending lots of time outdoors, she’s learned to embrace her morena look and be comfortable in her own skin. Yet her love for the sun doesn’t come without its challenges. As she gets more exposed to the sun, the signs of aging are also starting to show up, which Audrey herself has begun to notice. She says, “People who go under the sun a lot, who are tan like myself, have fine lines and a lot of sunspots. Now that I’m getting older, they’re all coming out.”

The Road To Proper Skin Care

When she didn’t know much about skin care, Audrey didn’t think too much about sun exposure and what it would do to her skin. She says, “I never used to wear sunblock before because I want to get tan.” But as she became more cognizant about proper skin care and maintenance, she became more particular about her beauty regimen. Audrey emphasizes that it’s never too late to start learning about how to take care of her skin. But her advice? As much as possible, start early.

Throughout her skin care journey, she’s learned the nuances and intricacies of protecting herself against the sun. Her most vital discovery to great-looking skin? It’s her regular trips to Facial Care Centre!

Audrey Pastelero

Giving The Best Care To All Types Of Skin

Facial Care Centre embraces and gives the best care to all types of skin. With the recommendation of her friends whose opinions she respected, she said YES! to this skin care clinic in the Philippines and entrusted her skin to the experts.

For non-invasive skin tightening that instantly lifts the face and softens fine lines, Sublime Star is the way to go. This combines the synergistic benefits of bi-polar radio frequency and infrared light in one treatment to achieve skin tightening without the needles, downtime, or frozen expressions.

When it comes to evening out her skin tone and reducing sunspots, Audrey’s go-to is RevLite. It uses advanced Q-switched Nd:YAG laser technology proven effective to target and break down dark spots, while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed.

Finally, for a much-needed intensive hydration to sun-dried skin, Audrey goes for the Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy. This soothing and deeply rejuvenating treatment uses pure oxygen and patented LP3 complex to deliver skin renewing active ingredients to bring back the skin’s dewy glow and youthful, supple ‘bounce.’

A Much-Needed Pampering at FCC

As a busy mom who’s always on-the-go, Audrey finds Facial Care as her ‘escape’ from the hustle and bustle of her everyday life. In the center, she gets to drop all her worries and stresses of the day to focus on her and her needs, and Facial Care gives her that much-needed love and pampering. Like Audrey, give yourself a well-deserved treat by going to Facial Care to get great skin that looks and feels beautiful.

To start your own journey to great-looking skin, send us a message to book a free consultation.

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