AcneClear Therapy:
FDA-Cleared and Proven Effective Acne Treatment

Treat Acne at the Cellular Level

Introducing: AcneClear Therapy. This acne and pimples treatment is FDA-cleared to target breakouts at the cellular level through advanced LED technology. It is proven effective for teenage pimples, chest and back breakouts, and adult-onset acne, which has an increased tendency to result in scarring that would require acne scar treatments.

What makes AcneClear Therapy an effective acne treatment is the power of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that produce precise wavelengths to treat pimples and keep future breakouts and irritations at bay. Its blue, red, and near-infrared LEDs boost cellular repair, hastening acne reduction and skin healing.

It efficiently kills the bacteria that cause pimple breakouts, soothes flare-ups, redness, and inflammation, and improves overall skin clarity and texture. It’s an intelligent acne-prone skin treatment that is proven safe, effective, and UV-free. Plus, reduced adult acne means there is less need for acne scar removal in the future!

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What it’s for:

  • Mild to moderate acne:

– Teenage pimples

– Chest and back acne

  • Skin inflammation

Expected results:

Clearer, calmer skin that looks healthier. As it helps treat adult-onset acne, it also helps keep scarring at bay and reduce the need for acne scar treatments.

NASA-developed Technology

LED light therapy was originally developed by NASA for plant growth experiments in space. Scientists later found out that the LEDs also helped astronauts heal faster from the wounds and tissue damage that they sustained while in space. This same advanced cell-repairing technology now powers AcneClear Therapy.

One of the most innovative acne treatments in the Philippines today, AcneClear Therapy emits precise wavelengths of LED light deep into the skin, triggering a photo biochemical reaction that destroys the Propionibacterium acnes bacteria to address and prevent breakouts. Additionally, the energy delivered by LED light has been shown to enhance cellular metabolism, accelerate the repair and replenishment of damaged skin cells, and stimulate collagen production.

Three Clinically Proven Wavelengths

AcneClear Therapy uses three clinically proven light wavelengths that penetrate specific depths of the skin’s tissue:

BLUE light – Kills acne bacteria, reduces oiliness, and soothes inflammation.

RED light – Promotes collagen production and accelerates skin healing.

NEAR-INFRARED light – Boosts cell repair and improves overall skin clarity, texture, and resilience.

Optimum Flexibility

Designed with optimum flexibility to conform as closely as possible to the treatment area, this proven effective acne treatment so that skin cells absorb more light energy in less time. This hastens the reduction of acne and the skin’s healing process. Safe, UV-free, zero direct contact, painless, no downtime.

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