Look 5 Years Younger with Sublime Star

Instant Skin Tightening Treatment

Sublime Star is a non-invasive facelift that combines the synergistic beauty benefits of bi-polar radio frequency technology and infrared light. It safely and painlessly delivers bulk heating to the skin, boosting the production of new collagen.

Instantly achieve skin tightening without the needles, downtime,
or plastic-looking results. You can literally have the Sublime Star done today and then go straight to any special event tonight looking firmed and fab.

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Sublime Star A Before Sublime Star A Before
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What it’s for:

  • Sagging skin
  • Fine lines
  • First signs of aging

Expected results:

As it boosts collagen production, it promotes skin tightening and lifting. Then with the addition of infrared technology, this non-surgical facelift also reduces skin inflammation and makes your pores appear less visible, giving your skin a super smooth finish.

Why People Love It

Anti Aging Sublime Star Patty Betita
“I love it because it really addressed the lines and sagging that I've started
to notice on my face and neck. Instant results. Wow!”
Patty Betita
Anti Aging Sublime Star Bernadette Allyson
“Right after the treatment, my skin felt tight. And checking in the mirror,
my face really looks smaller!”
Bernadette Allyson
testimonials bianca_brandner
“Sublime Star minimized the appearance of my pores
and improved my skin's texture!"
Bianca Brandner

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