LaserLight: The Painless Way To Get Rid of
Underarm Hair…for good!

Bye underarm hair,
Hello fuzz-free, worry-free days!

Still suffering through painful waxing or tedious shaving just to get rid of unwanted hair? With LaserLight, Facial Care Centre’s proven ouch-free solution for hair removal, you can achieve silky-smooth, hair-free underarms in just a few sessions. LaserLight uses state-of-the-art Gold Standard 810-nm diode and IN-Motion technology to safely target your hair follicles without harming surrounding skin and prevent the regrowth of unwanted hair

What to Expect from LaserLight Underarm Hair Removal

For forever hair-free confidence, it’s got to be LaserLight. It’s the proven safe solution for unwanted hair minus the chicken skin, itchy bumps, skin discoloration, and discomfort of ingrown hairs caused by temporary methods like waxing and shaving. See the smooth, hair-free difference from this virtually pain-free laser after just a few sessions!

As the safe, ouch-free, and cost-effective choice, it’s no wonder that LaserLight has become a favorite for so many clients who are now forever fuzz-free. You too can say goodbye to the hassle of waxing salon schedules and repeat purchases of razors or DIY waxing kits. And no more dark spots, chicken skin, and itchy, irritated areas because LaserLight’s advanced technology is specifically designed to treat even sensitive areas.

Plus, Facial Care Centre has laser experts who have years of experience administering diode laser treatments to help you achieve the beautiful, forever hair-free underarms you’ve always wanted. We hold the highest standard when it comes to our services to ensure that all our clients get high-quality procedures that are tailored to their comfort.

Book an appointment with us today and see the difference our permanent underarm hair removal can offer you. Start today and learn how to be more confident in your own skin!

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Benefits of LaserLight Underarm Hair Removal

No Ouch!

LaserLight’s advanced diode laser technology ensures that the sessions are virtually painless. Unwanted hair follicles are directly targeted without harming surrounding skin. All you need to do is to lie down and relax while our specialists take care of the rest.


Unlike temporary methods that require a lot of effort or cause a lot of pain, LaserLight employs state-of-the-art technology that yields faster, more lasting results. So you get a hassle-free underarm laser hair removal experience every time you schedule a session with us.


LaserLight offers a friction-less solution for smoother and softer underarms. With superior laser technology that prevents future hair regrowth, there’s no more need to subject the skin to the harsh effects of constant friction from frequent shaving or waxing. And that means no more skin darkening and chicken skin, too!


Because LaserLight delivers lasting results, it’s cost-effective! Those monthly waxing salon visits and repeat purchases of disposable razors will pile up to become quite pricey in the long run—and all for temporary solutions that may cause skin darkening or chicken skin!

With LaserLight, future hair regrowth is halted. So no more unwanted underarm hair worries!

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