LaserLight: Full Body Permanent Hair Removal

Permanent, Painless Laser Hair Removal in the Philippines

You might be thinking: where can I find painless and permanent hair removal in the Philippines? While waxing and threading salons have popped up around the metro to accommodate the increasing demand for hair removal sessions, there’s a permanent, pain-free laser hair removal solution that discerning women swear by. LaserLight, Facial Care Centre’s answer to permanent hair removal, offers a safe and efficient method to permanently stop unwanted hair growth anywhere in your body, from your face down to your legs.

LaserLight makes use of the Gold Standard 810-nm diode and IN-Motion technology to target the hair follicles in your skin, effectively destroying each one to permanently stop hair growth. This virtually painless laser hair removal treatment is able to safely penetrate your skin’s dermis, effectively reducing hair growth with every session.

As the permanent body hair removal treatment targets the hair follicles directly, you’ll never get dark spots, marks, or raised skin – just smooth, hair-free skin forever. Say goodbye to endless waxing and shaving with the most effective permanent laser hair removal treatment in the Philippines.

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Laser Light

What it’s for:

  • Underarms
  • Bikini line
  • Upper lip
  • Arms
  • Legs

Expected results:

With LaserLight’s advanced laser technology, you’ll get permanent and painless hair removal together with silky-smooth and softer skin. You won’t have to suffer from the common side effects of traditional hair removal methods, such as chicken skin, itchy or sore ingrown hair, and skin pigmentation. With no downtime, you can continue your day with no worries and no hassle.

While lasers have been used for hair removal for decades, earlier models were extremely painful, gave minimal results, required more sessions, and worked only for specific skin types. Now with LaserLight’s superior diode laser technology, you can enjoy safe, effective, and painless procedures that can get rid of unwanted body and facial hair without any upkeep. Facial Care Centre offers one of the leading laser hair removal procedures in the Philippines that delivers impressive results. With every subsequent session, you’ll get thinner and thinner hair until you’re practically hair-free! Plus you’ll love your velvety-smooth skin.

With our permanent hair removal, you’ll never go back to your ordinary hair removal routine again. You’ll get permanently hair-free skin, so you’ll have the confidence to show off your skin anywhere and anytime.

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Benefits of LaserLight’s Painless Hair Removal

Hassle-Free and Pain-Free

Whether you’re planning on getting underarm laser hair removal or full legs laser removal, LaserLight offers a hassle-free and virtually pain-free experience. LaserLight’s superior diode laser safely targets the hair follicles without harming the surrounding skin.

Fast and Efficient with No Downtime

LaserLight sessions will only take a few minutes, depending on the area that you’re having done. There won’t be any downtime, so you won’t lose precious hours or days just to recover from a painless hair removal session.

Leaves Your Skin Smoother and Hair-Free

With LaserLight, there are no more worries of razor burns or skin darkening with frequent shaving, ingrown hair from waxing, and chicken skin.

Noticeable Results in Just a Few Sessions

This painless and permanent hair removal session boasts visible results within just a few sessions. You’ll notice your hair progressively becoming thinner and your skin smoother with each session.

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Why People Love It

Hair Free Skin LaserLight Amanda Griffin Jacob
“Growing up, I had a lot of hair on my arms which made me feel very self-conscious. Thanks to LaserLight, I found a permanent solution. I finished my program years ago and I've never had to worry about unwanted hair since!”
Amanda Griffin-Jacob
Hair Free Skin LaserLight Bea Fabregas
“I'm so thankful I did LaserLight Hair Removal. I've been hair-free since 2016! I highly recommend everyone to go book an appointment so you never have to worry about unwanted hair ever again.”
Bea Fabregas
Hair Free Skin LaserLight Suzy Gamboa
“With no more unwanted hair thanks to LaserLight, I can travel without having to pack a razor in my bag. It's just one less thing to worry about!”
Suzy Gamboa
Hair Free Skin LaserLight Laura Lehmann
“I'm so glad I'm done with my LaserLight Hair Removal program.
I don't have to worry about shaving or waxing. It's just been such
a huge convenience and I highly recommend it to everyone!”
Laura Lehmann
Hair Free Skin LaserLight Rima Ostwani Najjar
“For a busy mom like myself, LaserLight saves me so much time
and it's definitely one less thing to worry about. Now I have hair-free
and smooth skin forever!”
Rima Ostwani-Najjar
Hair Free Skin LaserLight Kryz Uy
“LaserLight is one of the best beauty investments I've made. I no longer worry about unwanted hair peeking out. It's so worth it.”
Kryz Uy
Hair Free Skin LaserLight Shari Poquiz
“Before, when I traveled, I used to think 'Oh gosh, do I need to wax?
Is hair peeking out?' Now thanks to LaserLight,
I can just pack my bags and go!”
Shari Poquiz
Hair Free Skin LaserLight Angela Nepomuceno
“I did LaserLight in 2007 and since then, my life changed! I don't have to keep going back to the waxing salon. I could just go to the beach without worrying that I might have unwanted hair.”
Angela Nepomuceno
Hair Free Skin LaserLight Ciacia Mendoza
“I used to wax and shave, but my skin got rough and the hair just grew back! With LaserLight, I really saw the hair getting thinner and thinner. I saw the difference after just 3 sessions!”
Ciacia Mendoza
Hair Free Skin LaserLight Daniella Ramos
“I have had the best experience with my LaserLight Hair Removal
at Facial Care Centre. I feel more comfortable in my own skin,
like a better version of myself!”
Daniella Ramos
Hair Free Skin LaserLight Keziah Dioko
“I know all girls will nod their heads in agreement that unwanted hair is such a hassle. That's why LaserLight Hair Removal is such a good investment. Now I'm hair-free and worry-free whenever, wherever.”
Keziah Dioko
Hair Free Skin LaserLight Indu Badlani
“I’ve been with Facial Care Centre for 15 years now. They've helped me overcome my insecurities. LaserLight Hair Removal has given me silky-smooth and hair-free underarms, legs, and face.”
Indu Badlani
Hair Free Skin LaserLight Grace Reyes
“I've had a few sessions of LaserLight Hair Removal and I can already
see the difference in my hair growth. I cannot wait to continue the sessions
and see the end results.”
Grace Reyes
Hair Free Skin LaserLight Inna Infante
“LaserLight Hair Removal has made my life a lot easier. I never have to worry about unwanted hair, dark underarms, and chicken skin from waxing
and shaving. Definitely worth it!”
Inna Infante
Hair Free Skin LaserLight Ruby Aguado
“My favorite treatment is LaserLight Hair Removal. It delivered results.
I swear, my skin got better!”
Ruby Aguado
Hair Free Skin LaserLight Jiliza Naval
“LaserLight Hair Removal helped me build up my confidence. I'm much more comfortable with my body. The best part is that it's absolutely pain-free! Now I always feel and look fresh, ready to take on the day!”
Jiliza Naval
Hair Free Skin LaserLight Ailea Evangelista
“One of my insecurities growing up was having upper lip hair, so I decided to try LaserLight Hair Removal at FCC. Seven year after my treatments, I'm still enjoying a hair-free upper lip!”
Ailea Evangelista
Hair Free Skin LaserLight Janine Evangelista
“I’ve been with FCC since 2015. LaserLight is one of my favorites. I consider it one of the best beauty investments I’ve ever made. Now that I’m hair-free,
I’m more confident!”
Janine Evangelista
Hair Free Skin LaserLight Lovena Tio Tan
“I did LaserLight Hair Removal for my underarms way back in 2005. Would you believe that even up to now I’m still confidently wearing sleeveless tops anywhere, even in the gym? I don’t have to worry about unwanted hair!
Now, that’s freedom!”
Lovena Tio Tan
testimonials michelle vito
“After two sessions, I already saw an improvement. My skin looked smooth and flawless. Ang sarap ng feeling to be hair-free!”
Michelle Vito
testimonials nikka garcia
"Goodbye unwanted hair… here, there, and everywhere!
My first LaserLight experience was absolutely painless."
Nikka Garcia
testimonials crisha uy
"My underarms are now hair-free thanks to LaserLight!"
Crisha Uy
testimonials erika padilla
"On my way to being completely hair-free thanks to LaserLight. Ladies,
this is one luxury you should invest in and make time for!"
Erika Padilla
testimonials china tee
"I had LaserLight done on my underarms years ago and it was the best investment I've made! No more waxing and shaving."
China Tuason

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