Breathe New Life into Your Skin
with Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy

Give Your Skin Back Its Youthful ‘Bounce’ and Dewy Suppleness

From dull and lifeless… to supple, moisturized, glass skin! 
Breathe new life to your skin with the Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy. This revitalizing, pampering facial treatment regenerates the skin from deep within. It uses highly concentrated pure oxygen to deliver anti-aging active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin 
and improve oxygen supply to the dermis at supersonic speed. 
As it promotes skin regeneration, it attacks damaging hypoxies
(a condition in which the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level). This is anti-aging up to the cellular level. Deeply nourishes on the inside, so you can flaunt rejuvenated, glowing skin on the outside.

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Skin Rejuvenation

What it’s for:

  • Dry skin
  • Clogged pores
  • First signs of aging

Expected results:

Skin is rehydrated, supple, and baby-smooth with a dewy glow.

Why People Love It

skin rejuvenation oxycell Lovena Tio Tan
“I'm at a stage where I'm starting to see the first signs of aging on my face. Facial Care Centre recommended the Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy for me. Right after my first session, I immediately noticed that my skin looked
radiant and supple.”
Lovena Tio Tan
skin rejuvenation oxycell Vanessa Suatengco
“Facial Care Centre has always been there for me for over a decade as part of my beauty regimen. Among my favorite treatments is the Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy.”
Vanessa Suatengco
skin rejuvenation oxycell Kristina Tan
“I love the Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy because it made my skin noticeably smoother and more moisturized after my first few sessions.”
Kristina Tan
skin rejuvenation oxycell Diana Castelo
“The Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy is my skin care must-have. I feel so rejuvenated after each treatment. My face looks clean, clear, glowing.
I feel good inside and out!”
Diana Castelo
skin rejuvenation oxycell Amy Sy
“Running a business takes a toll on how I look. So I pamper my skin with the Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy. My skin instantly feels revived with all the nutrients it absorbs from the treatment!”
Amy Sy
skin rejuvenation oxycell Yvette Yntig
“You are a reflection of your choices. I choose to be happy,
to be an inspiration, and to radiate a positive glow to other women.
Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy helped me achieve this. At 44,
people mistake me for 30. I feel good!”
Yvette Yntig
skin rejuvenation oxycell Jeanette Lozano
“I love how the Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy keeps my skin looking dewy and fresh. People say I don’t look my age. I'm 59 and loving it!”
Jeanette Lozano
skin rejuvenation oxycell Michelle Tan
“I’ve been with FCC since 2010. My favorite treatment is the Oxygen Cell Renewal because it gives me naturally glowing skin.”
Michelle Tan
skin rejuvenation oxycell Jeanette dela Rosa
“I've been raving about the Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy since I saw the improvements on my skin! I feel rejuvenated and my wrinkles are becoming less and less visible.”
Jeanette Dela Rosa
skin rejuvenation oxycell Esther Dee
“I've been with FCC for 23 years now and photos will attest how FCC
has been taking care of my skin. My current favorite is the Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy. It made my skin clear, moisturized, and radiant.
Now a decade past my “senior” year and still no one can guess my age right!”
Esther Dee
skin rejuvenation oxycell Catherine Lacson
“I’ve been with FCC since 2013 and I really love the Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy. At 43, my pores are less visible, and there are only minimal lines on my forehead and around my eyes! Now I hardly wear make-up when I go to work or socialize with friends.”
Catherine Lacson
testimonials nikki tiu
"After one session of the Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy, I wasn't expecting any dramatic results. But the next day, my skin was LITERALLY SOFTER than ever! It had such a nice glow that I skipped makeup so that I don't disturb
the ‘best state of my skin.’”
Nikki Tiu
testimonials marilen montenegro
"The Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy is the most luxurious and relaxing facial I've ever had to hydrate and brighten my skin!"
Marilen Montenegro
Pauline Lopez
"My current go-to treatment is the OxCell Renewal Therapy. My skin used to be really, really dry, but after a couple sessions, it's a bit more soft and plump and I completely love it! I feel like I have healthier skin now."
Martin Reyes
“The OxyCell Renewal Therapy revitalizes my skin and makes me feel so refreshed after.”

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