Reveal Luminous, Glowing Skin with Luxe Whitening

Brighten, Lighten, and Smoothen Your Skin

This skin lightening treatment is the perfect solution for dehydrated skin with dark, uneven patches caused by prolonged exposure
to the sun. Luxe Whitening uses the exfoliating benefits of the Diamond Peel treatment to slough off dead skin cells, then ends with a skin whitening mask infused with ingredients that go deep into the skin to target melanin pigments.

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Luxe Whitening

What it’s for:

  • Skin discoloration
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Dullness
  • Sun damage

Expected results:

Restores radiance, freshens and evens out complexion, as it smoothens and softens the skin.

Why People Love It

Skin Whitening Luxe Alienor Po
“Having 5 kids keeps my hands full and whenever I feel and look stressed out, I just go to Facial Care Centre.
My favorite is Luxe Whitening. Not only do I feel pampered, it also gives me the glow I'm after!”
Alienor Po

Tested + Trusted = Timeless

Over 35 years of superior expertise backed by proven effective skin science. Consult with us today.

    Results you can see and feel

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    Results you can see and feel

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