RevLite Laser Treatment
for Dull Skin and Hyperpigmentation

Everyone’s Favorite Miracle Skin Corrector

RevLite facial treatment is a breakthrough skin pigmentation treatment. It is powered by a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser that breaks down chromophores that cause skin pigmentation, while leaving healthy tissues unharmed. It delivers overall skin rejuvenation benefits for lighter, more even toned, more radiant skin.

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What it’s for:

  • Hyperpigmentation (age spots, sun spots, freckles)
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Dullness

Expected results:

Not only does RevLite lighten spots, it also evens out your skin tone 
and brings out your skin’s natural radiance, delivering overall
skin rejuvenation.

Rejuvenate Your Skin with RevLite Treatment

The RevLite laser treatment uses short pulses of light to stimulate and rejuvenate collagen in your skin. The increase in collagen gives skin a smoother texture, a youthful glow, and a more even tone. RevLite facial especially targets signs of aging and hyperpigmentation, including dark spots from sun damage and birth marks.

There’s minimal discomfort involved in the procedure. Most clients only experience a warm and mild tingling sensation. Plus, a RevLite treatment session typically takes about 15-30 minutes with zero downtime! After you’ve completed several treatment sessions of the program, you’ll enjoy a blemish and wrinkle-free complexion that rivals your “no makeup” look.

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Why People Love It

Skin Whitening RevLite Tessa Nieto Villalon
“I love RevLite. It gives my skin this nice glow and it evens out the skin discoloration.”
Tessa Nieto-Villalon
Skin Whitening RevLite Chris Umali Co
“RevLite diminished the effects of sun damage on my skin. It gave me clearer,
more even-toned, younger-looking skin.”
Chris Umali-Co
Skin Whitening RevLite Michelle Guinares
“Thanks to RevLite, my skin discoloration and puffiness were diminished,
plus I got back my youthful glow!”
Michelle Guinares
Skin Whitening RevLite Marizza Ong
“RevLite is the treatment I swear by. It really helped lighten my dark spots.”
Marizza Ong
Skin Whitening RevLite Tess Ngo
“My melasma used to be very prominent. I've tried everything but nothing worked,
until I found RevLite. Now, my skin has this translucent glowing effect and people
always ask me what my secret is!”
Tess Ngo
Skin Whitening RevLite Christine Joy Carlos
“I tried RevLite for my underarms and really saw a great improvement! No regrets.”
Christine Joy Carlos
Skin Whitening RevLite Jaclyn Chua
“RevLite is one of my favorites. After each treatment, I really can't stop looking at myself in the mirror! My face looks fresher and younger!”
Jaclyn Chua
Skin Whitening RevLite Mirabel Tan
“At one point, skin discoloration started to affect my self-confidence. But RevLite rescued my skin. After a few sessions, my skin tone evened out and my freckles lightened.
Now my skin radiates with a beautiful glow!”
Mirabel Tan
Skin Whitening RevLite Josie Acosta
“RevLite lightened the dark spots on my face. Now I can confidently go out with friends
or go to work with very little make-up on, as I am content with my glowing skin.”
Josie Acosta
testimonials wanda chen
"My skin care game is 100% thanks to Facial Care Centre's RevLite treatment.
Goodbye foundation and hello to makeup-free days!"
Wanda Chen

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