Transform from Chubby to Slim and
Saggy to Firm with UltraFace

Radio Frequency + Ultrasound Treatment to Recontour
Chubby Cheeks

Target excess fat on your cheeks, chin, and jowls with the UltraFace Facial Recontouring treatment. This face slimming treatment uses two proven effective technologies for non-surgical reshaping 
and recontouring: ultrasound and radio frequency. While ultrasound breaks down fat cells, radio frequency firms and lifts the skin. Combined in one advanced system, these two technologies give you a slimmer face shape and redefined contours.

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UltraFace before UltraFace after

What it’s for:

  • Chubby cheeks
  • Double chin
  • Saggy jowls

Expected results:

It slims down chubby cheeks, lifts saggy jowls, reduces chin fat,
and redefines your jawline. No pain, no needles, no downtime.
See an improvement after just a few sessions.

Why People Love It

Slimmer face UltraFace Veronica Fidel
“I love UltraFace because it redefined the shape of my face naturally. No pain, no cuts.”
Veronica Fidel
Slimmer face UltraFace Richelle Leonardo
“My favorite is UltraFace! It’s like an instant facelift minus
the cuts and bruises.”
Richelle Leonardo
Slimmer face UltraFace Macy Tan
“UltraFace is my favorite. It gently and painlessly
recontoured my face!”
Macy Tan
Slimmer face UltraFace Eunice Villarica
“I've been with Facial Care Centre for 5 years now and my favorite is definitely UltraFace. It tightened my skin and contoured my face.”
Eunice Villarica
Slimmer face UltraFace Sally Bernardo
“I love how UltraFace makes my face look smaller and tighter. Now I always get compliments on how I stay youthful-looking.”
Sally Bernardo
Slimmer face UltraFace Rachell Tuazon
“UltraFace is my favorite. I remember telling my consultant that the moment they have a treatment that targets facial fat, sign me up at once. And that was UltraFace for me! My friends now tell me how small and slim my face has become.”
Rachell Tuazon
Slimmer face UltraFace Melinda Sia
“My secret to having youthful skin is FCC. I love UltraFace because it gives me a natural facial contour. With FCC, it is possible to age gracefully.”
Melinda Sia

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