Redefine Beauty with Our UltraFace Facial Contouring Treatment

Discover UltraFace Non-Surgical Face Contouring Treatment

Are you on the lookout for a painless and non-surgical facial contour treatment in the Philippines? Look no further. Reshape and redefine with Facial Care Centre’s UltraFace, a proven, safe, and effective facial contour treatment.

UltraFace is a non-surgical face contouring procedure that targets excess fat on your cheeks, chin, and jowls, making your face slimmer and more defined. This non-surgical cheek lift treatment uses ultrasound and radio frequency, two proven effective technologies for non-invasive reshaping and recontouring.

Ultrasound technology breaks down fat cells, while radio frequency firms and lifts the skin. Combined, these two technologies give you a slimmer face shape and redefined contours. The non-invasive cheek lift procedure also gives your face a youthful glow, effectively slowing down aging signs. Furthermore, the UltraFace treatment requires no downtime, allowing you to resume your normal activities as soon as your session concludes.

Get a non-surgical facial contour treatment in the Philippines with zero downtime. Contact Facial Care Centre today to begin your journey to redefined beauty.

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What it’s for:

A safe and painless procedure, the UltraFace facial contouring procedure provides the following:

  • More defined, sculpted cheeks
  • Toned chin area
  • Tightened jowls

Expected results:

UltraFace effectively slims down and lifts chubby cheeks and jowls, reduces double chin, and redefines the jawline. Safe and painless, it also tightens the skin and leaves it with a youthful glow. And in just a few sessions, you can immediately see promising results.

Suitable for men and women, this facial contouring treatment is best for people on the go. This non-invasive procedure doesn’t require any recovery time and has no reported adverse effects. That means you can immediately return to your day after the treatment session with no cuts or bruises.

Stay youthful-looking with Facial Care Centre’s UltraFace. Consult our facial experts today.

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Benefits of the UltraFace Facial Contouring Treatment

The UltraFace procedure offers the following advantages:

Non-Invasive and Pain-Free

At Facial Care, our non-invasive cheek lift treatments don’t require any incisions or surgical procedures, which means there’s no need for general anesthesia or a long recovery time. Compared to surgical procedures, non-surgical face contouring treatments have a high patient satisfaction rate and a low rate of reported discomfort.

Zero Recovery Time Needed

Each session may take up to 45 minutes. And because no cuts or needles are involved, there’s no downtime after this non-surgical face contouring treatment. You can resume your daily activities immediately after the procedure.

Adds a Radiant, Healthy Glow to the Skin

UltraFace can enhance the face’s natural contours and create a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance. This treatment can also be customized to meet your needs and preferences, focusing on the areas of the face where improvement is most needed.

Desirable Results in Just a Few Sessions

This non-invasive cheek lift is safe and effective, and you can see desirable outcomes after just a few sessions. You’ll notice improvements in skin firmness and tightness after a few sessions.

Lea Salonga during ultraface treatment

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