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The top 3 skin essentials for that much-coveted glass skin

From the mundane this-is-a-candid-shot (but with mascara and lip gloss on) posts, to the most breathtaking travel photos, your face is everywhere on your social media accounts. But filters and blur tools aside, there is nothing like having confidence and feeling beautiful in your own skin. That’s why having the right skin care routine and skin care clinic are essential to giving your ‘selfie confidence’ that extra oomph. 

It All Begins with Skin

Instead of the endless trial and error with skin care products that you can buy online or over the counter, entrust your skin to a professional who is able to properly assess your skin’s needs and recommend the best treatments for you: Facial Care Centre! Here are our top 3 skin essentials so you can achieve selfie-ready, glass skin.

1. Honey Almond Facial

With a scrub infused with honey, almonds, and oats, the Honey Almond Facial gently but thoroughly eliminates deep-seated dirt and oil, exfoliates dead skin build-up, and helps keep irritations and pimples at bay. So your skin is smooth, renewed, and rejuvenated, and your lost radiance is restored.

2. Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy

The go-to treatment for smooth, supple, glowing skin. The Oxygen Cell Renewal Therapy delivers anti-aging active ingredients to the skin’s deepest layers using highly concentrated pure oxygen at supersonic speed. It deeply nourishes on the inside, so you can achieve rehydrated, glowing skin on the outside.

3. C+ Booster

Packed with vitamin C and other antioxidants, the C+ Booster nourishes, soothes, and protects the skin while helping lighten skin pigmentation. It brings out your glow as it promotes skin renewal. 

Choose a skin clinic that has proven its expertise through the years. In the Philippines, the best skin care clinic is Facial Care Centre. With advanced treatments and premium facials, plus the advice of skin care experts, you are assured that your skin is in good hands and that you always look your best for that next selfie. 

Get the ‘selfie confidence’ that you want at Facial Care Centre. Call 8892-SKIN now to book an appointment.

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