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Which one is safer for sensitive areas: LASER or WAXING?

Waxing unwanted hair on sensitive areas, like the bikini line, is an experience a lot of women would rather forget. The ripping pain of the wax strip leaves the area red, raw, and irritated, sometimes even bleeding! And after all that, the hair just grows back in a week or two. 

The Doc Recommends…

So now countless women who are tired of waxing over and over again want to know: what’s the permanent solution for unwanted hair? There is only one answer: LaserLight Hair Removal. Finally say goodbye to the risks and harsh effects of waxing, and say hello to hair-free confidence for good! Get it at the best skin care clinic in the Philippines – Facial Care Centre.

According to FCC’s Dr. Shyla Valdez, “Laser hair removal is better. With waxing, the hair is forcefully pulled out, causing trauma on the skin which can lead to chicken skin and darkening.”

Pain-Free, Hassle-Free Laser Hair Removal

LaserLight utilizes the combination of the Gold Standard 810-nm diode and IN-Motion technology to permanently and safely reduce unwanted hair in just a few sessions.

You might be thinking, is diode laser hair removal painful? With LaserLight, not at all! Dr. Valdez says, “Laser targets the follicles without harming the skin and is virtually painless. The setting can be adjusted to suit your comfort level.”

As LaserLight directly targets hair follicles, it prevents the growth of new hair without harming the surrounding skin, so even the most sensitive areas like your bikini line can be fuzz-free painlessly. It can also be done on the underarms, legs, and upper lip.

Apart from targeting unwanted hair, LaserLight also helps make your skin silky smooth, lighter, and even-toned because you will no longer need to subject your skin to frequent, repeated trauma from temporary methods like waxing.

If you’re still not convinced, Dr. Valdez adds: “With waxing, you have to do it for life. Laser reduces unwanted hair permanently.” LaserLight is truly the best hair removal option for hair-free, care-free confidence that lasts!

Be hair-free in just a few sessions. Want to know more about laser hair removal? Call 8892-SKIN now to book an appointment.

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