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The Painless, Permanent Secret to Hair-Free Confidence

Raise your hand if you’re confident about your underarms. If you’re not 100% satisfied with how your underarms look, it’s time to ditch your old hair removal method and throw away those ineffective underarm whitening products and upgrade to something that really works.

Cons of Shaving and Waxing

Shaving your underarm hair might be the quickest and most accessible option. But expect hair regrowth in just a day or two. Shaving can also often cause ingrown hairs and skin discoloration, not to mention razor burns, nicks, and cuts if you’re not careful. Over time, shaving regularly will make your underarms rough, dark, and stubbly!

Then there’s waxing, which promises an average of three weeks of smooth skin. But we all know that it can be a pain having your hair ripped out from the root. And like shaving, it can also cause ingrown hair, skin pigmentation, irritation, and chicken skin over time.

Since shaving and waxing only offer temporary solutions to your unwanted underarm hair, it’s time to get real and ask yourself, why am I still doing it?

Do yourself a favor and sign up for the permanent solution to achieve hair-free, lighter underarms. Get it at the best skin care clinic in the Philippines – Facial Care Centre. With LaserLight Hair Removal, you can finally say goodbye to repeated shaving and waxing, and say hello to hair-free confidence!

Pain-Free, Hassle-Free Laser Hair Removal

LaserLight employs a combination of the Gold Standard 810-nm diode laser and IN-Motion technology to permanently and safely reduce unwanted hair in just a few sessions.

You might be thinking, is diode laser hair removal painful? Not at all! LaserLight directly targets hair follicles, preventing regrowth of new unwanted hair on treated areas without harming the surrounding skin so that your underarms, and even the most sensitive areas like your bikini lines and upper lip, can be fuzz-free painlessly.

LaserLight also helps make your skin silky smooth, lighter, and even-toned, so no more skin discoloration and skin pigmentation. It is truly the best hair removal treatment for hair-free, care-free confidence that lasts! 

Start your LaserLight program at Facial Care Centre today. Call 8892-SKIN to book a free consultation.

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