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Reprogram Your Skin to Act Young Again

Smooth, supple, even-toned, radiant skin… slowly changing to wrinkly, saggy, uneven, and
dull? What if you can “reprogram” your skin to start acting young again? It all starts with
helping your skin optimize its regeneration with this advanced collagen stimulation treatment
duo at Facial Care Centre: Potenza RF Microneedling and AnteAGE MDX Exosomes.

As you age, your skin’s cell turnover slows down. Skin cell turnover is the process through
which the skin repairs and renews itself. Found in the basal layer of the epidermis, these
cells continuously divide and create new cells in the process. With the production of more
and more new cells, older ones get pushed to the surface of the skin where they are
eventually shed as dead skin cells.

In your 30s, this process takes 28-45 days. In your 40s, it takes 45-60 days. In your
50s, it becomes 60-90 days.

With fewer fresh skin cells being created, skin repair becomes less efficient, skin holds onto
damaged cells longer, and the epidermis begins to thin. These then result in increased
wrinkles, sagginess, and uneven skin texture.

As one of the leading skin care clinics in the Philippines, Facial Care Centre continues to
push the envelope for regenerative therapies in the country by introducing Potenza RF
Microneedling and AnteAGE MDX Exosomes, a new breakthrough combination for skin

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Optimized Skin Rejuvenation

Potenza combines two proven skin renewing methodologies in one: microneedling which
triggers skin renewal, and radio frequency for collagen stimulation. Basically, it adds
controlled heat energy into the microneedles, doubling the benefits delivered to the skin in
one go.

This is where exosomes come in. To go beyond helping the skin to look and feel younger, it
starts from the cellular level so that the skin ACTS younger.

Exosomes are extracellular vesicles that act as “messengers,” sending signals to other cells
to naturally facilitate skin regeneration, promote collagen stimulation for the face, alleviate
skin inflammation, and boost overall skin rejuvenation.

And because of Potenza’s one of a kind FUSION TIP, the penetration of topical solutions like
Exosomes become enhanced, reaching the dermal layer of the skin. Yielding 67% more
versus other devices, the skin rejuvenating results are optimized.

Experience this game-changer for skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. You can expect no less
from the most trusted skin care clinic in the country. Visit Facial Care Centre today!

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