Repêchage 4-Layer Facial – Dubbed as
“The Best Facial of the Century”

60 Minutes of Hydrating Bliss for that “Baby-Smooth” Skin

The Repêchage 4-Layer Facial is a premium deep-cleansing facial. Four luxuriously nourishing and rehydrating layers, one soothing experience. No wonder it’s been voted by Cosmopolitan UK as the Best Facial of the Century! It uses organic seaweed and is packed with vitamins and minerals to refresh the skin, stabilize oil glands, and re-balance skin tissues.

First, it deep-cleanses and unclogs your pores to give you a clearer, smoother finish. Then it intensely rehydrates for long-lasting suppleness, as it also re-balances your skin tissues. Third, it nourishes your skin with organic seaweed. And lastly, it restores the fresh, dewy glow that you want. It’s every FCC girl’s secret to smooth, supple, glass skin.

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Repechage A Before Repechage A After
Repechage Before Repechage After

What it’s for:

  • Dehydrated skin
  • Dull, lifeless skin tone

Expected results:

Skin is deeply cleansed, intensely rehydrated, and revitalized to bring back suppleness and reveal a healthy glow.

Why People Love It

skin rejuvenation Repechage Lea Salonga
“It's a really good treatment. When it was first recommended to me,
I was a little skeptical as to how my skin was going to feel right after.
But after I did the treatment and I touched my face, I was like,
this is the Best Thing. Ever! And that's no exaggeration.”
Lea Salonga
skin rejuvenation Repechage Gela Laurel
“After my Repêchage 4-layer Facial, my skin felt moisturized and supple.
And when I looked at the mirror, my skin was brighter!”
Gela Laurel
skin rejuvenation Repechage Nena Lim
“The Repêchage 4-Layer Facial is so good.
It has helped me maintain my beautiful, clear skin.”
Nena Lim

Tested + Trusted = Timeless

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