From Round to a V-shaped Face
with UltraV Facial Recontouring

Advanced HIFU Treatment for Double Chin and Saggy Jowls

Achieve the slimmer, more V-shaped face that you want with UltraV HIFU Re-shaping. This face contouring treatment is powered by the ultimate combination of technologies: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and a 635 nm cold laser (low level laser therapy). So on top of the facial recontouring benefits of HIFU, you’re also getting the collagen boosting and glow enhancing effects of the cold laser.

Since UltraV uses fractionated HIFU, its ultrasonic beams are broken up into fractions, penetrating the skin at very precise depths painlessly. Other HIFU treatments use focused, large beams which cause pain as they penetrate the depths of the skin, often leading
to swelling and even bruising. Simply put: with UltraV, you’re getting superior, pain-free results.

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UltraV A Before UltraV A After
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UltraV B Before UltraV B After
UltraV D Before UltraV D After
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What it’s for:

  • Chubby cheeks
  • Double chin
  • Saggy jowls
  • Undefined jawline

Expected results:

Reduces facial fat, recontours the cheeks, redefines the chin
and jawline, and addresses skin laxity.

Why People Love It

Slimmer face UltraV Ana Roces
“UltraV is my current favorite treatment. I love it because I see
the results immediately!”
Ana Roces
Slimmer face UltraV Cris Villonco
“After my UltraV session, my skin feels really tight and lifted.
And hellooo jawline!”
Cris Villonco
Slimmer face UltraV Ting Duque
“Not only does UltraV deliver results, it's also a relaxing treatment. It's not painful and you see the results almost right away.
My jawline is redefined and my skin is glowing!"
Ting Duque
Slimmer face UltraV Raiza Contawi
“It easily, very quickly defined my jawline. My double chin was really malaki, and then after UltraV, sobrang firm and lifted.
And I could really see the UltraV effect!"
Raiza Contawi
Slimmer Face UltraV Doreen de Castro
“With UltraV, I no longer have to worry about my undefined jawline and double chin! So happy and proud of the results.
I'm even more confident now in my 60s.”
Doreen de Castro
Slimmer face UltraV Inez Go
“My current fave! My round face now has the contours that I’ve always wanted. My friends and family can’t stop asking about it!”
Inez Go
Slimmer face UltraV Richelle Espiritu
“For sagging jowls, I super love the UltraV treatment. It redefined my jawline, so now I always feel picture-ready!”
Richelle Espiritu
Slimmer face UltraV Carina Sia
“I love UltraV because it lifted my cheeks, redefined my jawline, and improved my contours.”
Carina Sia
Slimmer face UltraV Amy Sy
“My skin feels revived and all those little sags are redefined with UltraV! It's painless and very comfortable, so I get to rest
and look good too!”
Amy Sy
Slimmer face UltraV Ellen
“UltraV is one of my favorite treatments at Facial Care Centre. It made my face slimmer and redefined my jawline. I’m happy, especially when my family and friends notice the 'new me.'”
Slimmer face UltraV Tess Ngo
“Facial Care Centre has been taking care of my skin for almost 20 years already! I used to have a really round face. Then I tried their UltraV HIFU Re-shaping treatment and I've been a fan ever since! People around me have noticed the difference and can't stop gushing about it!”
Tess Ngo
Slimmer face UltraV Marissa Ong
“I love UltraV because it keeps my skin tight and contoured
even without makeup!”
Marissa Ong
Slimmer face UltraV Catherine Cabellon
“I love UltraV because it made my face smaller and recontoured. I saw an improvement right after the first treatment!”
Catherine Cabellon
Slimmer face UltraV Justine Leongson
“UltraV is my favorite. I’ve only tried it once, but in that one session, I saw the instant result. It addressed my issues with my chubby cheeks and double chin.”
Justine Leongson
testimonials jean yu
“In just 1.5 hours, I was able to see great results with UltraV.
My face felt tighter. It lifted my cheeks and gave me a more defined jawline.”
Jean Yu
testimonials cheryl cosim
“After my first UltraV treatment, I already felt the tightness on my skin. Now, believe it or not, when we do a live streaming of my radio show, I don't put on makeup anymore! I don’t have to hide behind contouring. And my skin is just better overall.”
Cheryl Cosim
testimonials gelli de belen
"I wanted a firming treatment to keep my skin tight and to address any signs that gravity is slowly taking over. After my first and second sessions of UltraV, I already felt the change. Awesome!"
Gelli De Belen

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