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Skin tightening in 90 minutes? It’s possible. Lift years off your skin minus the surgery with Thermage.

Even Hollywood’s most beautiful faces are not immune to fine lines, droops, and sags. Hailed as ‘the non-surgical facelift that celebs love,’ Thermage skin tightening treatment is a skin game-changer. But what is the Thermage FLX treatment for the face exactly? Read on to find out.

All women eventually start to see the tell-tale signs of aging starting in their mid-20s. If your morning routine increasingly includes the inevitable ‘ugh, not another wrinkle…’ grimace when you look at the mirror, here’s one likely culprit: collagen loss. 

Pick any of the best skin care clinics in the Philippines and you are sure to find treatments that claim to boost the skin’s collagen production. That’s because when it comes to anti-aging and skin tightening, collagen is key. It’s the building block of the skin that keeps it strong, tight, and firm. Unfortunately, it starts to steadily decline as early as age 25, making signs of aging more and more apparent through the years.

Lift your skin back to youthfulness with Thermage FLX! This proven effective, non-invasive skin tightening treatment is powered by radio frequency technology to deliver bulk heating to the skin’s deepest layers, resulting in firm, lifted, toned skin. See the age-defying difference minus the risks and downtime of surgery! From reducing “hooding” (the loose skin on the upper eyelid) and making your eyes look more open and vibrant, to tightening loosened jowls, the list of Thermage benefits is long. It is also great for smoothening a wrinkled neck.

What is Thermage FLX?

Thermage FLX is an anti-aging treatment that safely, painlessly, and non-invasively delivers bulk heating to the skin’s deepest layers, causing collagen contraction and addressing the visible signs of aging. How does Thermage work? The treatment utilizes patented radio frequency technology to gently heat the deep layers of the skin that are rich in collagen. This works on a cellular level to stimulate new collagen production, promote restoration, and tighten skin.

Beyond its superior anti-aging power, Thermage benefits also include patient comfort. Each treatment is personalized to address the specific aesthetic goals and needs of each patient. As its radio frequency energy penetrates and heats the skin’s deeper layers, a cooling effect is used to provide optimal safety and comfort to the skin’s surface layers. Patients only feel a light, vibrating sensation as the treatment tightens skin and encourages collagen production.

The entire process takes around 45 to 90 minutes, depending on the area being treated. Results can be seen as little as one day after the session, with continued improvements over the next six months. As the Thermage FLX treatment is non-invasive, patients can return to their daily activities immediately after the session. Simple, safe, and a quick remedy to regain smooth and youthful skin with no downtime — that is what Thermage FLX is all about!

What Sets Thermage Apart

Now that you know what the Thermage face lift is, what exactly makes it superior compared to other treatments? Unlike other radio frequency treatments, Thermage uses monopolar RF. This means it is able to reach the deeper, collagen-rich layer of the skin, delivering bulk heat to stimulate collagen remodelling. As the skin generates more collagen, it retains its firm and lifted appearance. After just a single Thermage session, you can enjoy results that progressively get better and better over the following months, and a skin tightening effect that truly lasts.

Worried it might be painful? No need to be. The machine’s bulk heating safely penetrates the deep tissue, while the cooling effects protect the skin’s surface, making the treatment more comfortable. The results: skin tightening, face firming, and neck toning without surgery. It’s the proven effective non-invasive way to lift your skin back to youthfulness.

Thermage at Facial Care Centre

So now you’re intrigued, but don’t know where to go and try it out. When it comes to Thermage, there’s only one place that all discerning women trust. Go to Facial Care Centre—one of the best skin care clinics in the Philippines. 

The skin tightening results of Thermage depend largely on proper treatment parameters and techniques, so when you choose a trusted name like Facial Care Centre, you know your skin is in the hands of someone with a proven track record of delivering excellent results to countless clients. 

In some cases, Thermage can also be combined with other treatments to produce the best results. With Facial Care Centre’s comprehensive range of non-invasive treatments, it is the perfect one-stop-shop for all your skin tightening needs. 

Ideal for Treatment of:

Loose, sagging skin
Undefined facial contours
Fine lines and wrinkles

Interested? Discover the gold standard in non-surgical skin tightening.

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